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Panera Paint Night

You guys have absolutely LOVED this idea on Instagram so it’s time I brought it to the blog!

Gather your friends for a night of fun, food and bad art. Seriously- no artisitic qualities necessary! Everyone brings a dish to share so the host isn’t overwhelmed. We used Panera as inspiration, and brought soups, salads and sandwiches. We drank (spiked) lemonade and wine because wine not?

I set the table with crab paper ( and added place settings by tracing a plate to make circles. I then added everyone’s name to each place setting to make my guests feel a little special!

After everyone ate, I brought out the easels and paint! I got mine from Amazon and Walmart ( We used Telestrations as a prompt because we were having trouble coming up with our own ideas.

Once we picked our prompts, we all started painting. BUT HERE’S THE TWIST!! After 3 minutes, I told everyone to pass their canvas to their right! We added whatever we wanted onto the painting in front of us and continued to switch every three minutes until we had our original paintings back. If there’s only 2-4 of you, you could go longer between switching or switch extra rounds!

We had an absolute blast and were laughing our butts off. Pictures just don’t do it justice, so you’ll have to check out my reel on IG @chesapeake.socials!

I have had so many people message me telling me that they had so much fun doing this with their friends! I think you will love it too!!

I have a list of supplies on my Amazon storefront where I may receive a commission from purchases. Click here to see the list!


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